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My name is 'Shayan Hussain' from Muzaffarabad AJK Pakistan. Basically, I am a small web developer and graphics designer and a blogger, I love blogging so I am presenting a small gift for you which is mangmoo.com, if you want to learn more about my website then continue reading below about website section.

About Website

Mangmoo is founded by 'Shayan Hussain' in may 2017.This website is managed by Shayan Hussain, Mangmoo is secured with SSL certificate, at Mangmoo you will find all types of articles related to Health, News, International News, Local News, Weather forecasting and Much more.


Please be aware that every website has it's own terms and policies before exploring our website kindly read our terms, Conditions, and Policies and if you want to Contact with the admin then fill up the contact form to contact directly with admin.

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If you want to contact the admin then you can simply fill up the contact us Form or also send email to qyumahmed@gmail.com